Board of Management

Jörg Conrad (Owner)

Jörg Conrad was born in Bremen, Germany. After he obtained a banker apprenticeship he studied at Deutsche Außenhandels- und Verkehrs-Akademie (DAV) in Bremen.

Afterwards he worked in the overseas branches of the Leschaco Group in the US, Brazil and South Africa before he started to manage the expansion strategy of the worldwide logistics service provider as managing director.

Since 1992 Jörg Conrad has been the sole owner of the Leschaco Group, of which the Anker Schiffahrt is a 100% affiliated company. He is responsible for Terminal and Contract Logistics, Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

Jan Remmers

After the successfull completion of his commercial training Jan Remmers, born in 1963, entered the company as commercial employee on February 02, 1985.

He worked in all departments and performed good development work in many projects in the operational harbour business due to his extensive experience. In 1995 Jan Remmers was granted power of attorney and in 2007 he was made an authorized signatory (Prokurist). 

Jan Remmers took over the operational management of the Anker Schiffahrt after various education and training courses in Business and Management on April 01, 2013.

On January 01, 2016 Jan Remmers was appointed to managing director of the company besides Mr Jörg Conrad.