Germany's most westerly seaport

In Emden we operate with our own specially qualified staff a modern terminal, which is not only designed for RoRo but also for conventional cargo handling.

Nautical conditions

  • Ship's length up to 250 m
  • Ship's width up to 50 m
  • Maximum draft 9.12 m LAT


  • Quay length 275 m
  • Average tidal range approx. 3 m


  • Own warehouses with a total capacity of 28,800 sqm
  • High quality asphalted parking areas with around 100,000 sqm
  • Allocation with a capacity for 40 lorries for the loading and unloading of new vehicles


  • 18 forklifts (2.5 to 14 tons)
  • Handling equipment, such as forks as well as bale clamps for pulp or paper clamps for handling of paper reels
  • 6 Tug masters with 60 Mafi trailer (up to 60 tons payload)
  • Own frames for pulp, paper and container handling (20‘ and 40‘)
  • Mobile ramps for loading and unloading of container

Further informations

ANKER Schiffahrts-
Gesellschaft mbH

Am Flügeldeich 30
26723 Emden

phone (49) 4921.925 0
fax (49) 4921.925 400