Automobile handling

Since the company was founded 50 years ago, the handling of motor vehicles is one of our main business activities. With the foundation of the company Autoport Emden GmbH in 1987, in which we are co-shareholder besides the Volkswagen Konzernlogisitik GmbH & Co.KG and the Emder Verkehrs-und Automotive Gesellschaft, this business was transferred to the Autoport Emden GmbH.

Over the years, Autoport has grown to become the third largest port for automobile handling in Europe. To date, more than 20 million vehicles have been loaded and unloaded at the Emder outer harbour. The annual transshipment volume of the Autoport Emden GmbH amounts to approximately 900,000 vehicles. To do so, apart from the highly qualified staff we bring around 100,000 sqm high quality asphalted parking areas close to the terminal to the overall concept. Today, Emden is one of the most important seaports of Germany for imports and exports of commercial vehicles by sea going vessels.

Besides the handling of automobiles, we handle high & heavy cargo for the RoRo shipments from Emden Port. In addition to transshipment and intermediate storage of used passenger cars (POV) the so-called third-party business with construction machines, harvesters, buses, tractors, cranes and other heavy loads has been dispatched for over 30 years by our team – reliably and competently. For non-rolling cargo we keep Mafi trailer available (up to 80 tons payload).

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