Seaport handling and terminal operations

Closely associated with Bremen

Anker Schiffahrt was already established at the Bremen site in 1956. The company started its work – the loading of cars for VW on the especially for this purpose built terminal on December 01, 1960. When the production started up in the Emden Volkswagen factory in 1964 the objective was to ensure a smooth loading with the same services as in Bremen here, too. Therefore, the Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH was founded in Emden on November 01, 1964.

In its more than 50-year corporate history Anker Schiffahrt has always been guided by the economic developments – our mission was and is to grow with the customers and to be well prepared to customer requirements of today and tomorrow.

With our own specially qualified staff in all areas we operate a highly modern terminal which is geared not only towards RoRo handling but also towards conventional goods handling. Together with its subsidiaries Anker Schiffahrt has developed to become a modern seaport transshipments and terminal operator. Today the company employs on permanent terms 110 people. Should the need arise further qualified staff can be recruited quickly. With us our customers experience the fulfillment of the highest demands on quality and flexibility day-to-day.

Our core activities are:

  • Handling and storage of automobiles
  • RoRo handling
  • Forest products terminal
  • Stevedoring
  • Ships Agency
  • Offshore logistics
  • Chartering
  • Project cargoes
  • Storage and commissioning
  • Container stuffing
  • Logistics overall concepts
  • Forwarding
  • Import and export handling of goods of all kinds
  • Authorised economic operator (AEO → see certificate)
  • Own customs warehouse (OZL)


More than 50 years of Anker Schiffahrt


  • Foundation of the company at the Bremen site


  • Foundation of the head office in Emden


  • Construction of the office building with an operating area of 5,000 sqm


  • First shipment of wood pulp from Kotka, Finland, to Emden


  • Establishment of the Autoport Emden GmbH, together with the co-shareholders Volkswagen Transport, EVAG and Gerd Buss
  • Construction of a warehouse with a total floor area of 6,000 sqm


  • Change of the liner traffic for forest products from Finland to Emden Port


  • Extension of the warehouse storage space up to 10,000 sqm


  • Newbuilding of the Logistics Centers Emskai with a total floor area of 8.800 sqm
  • Start of Clearance and Processing with equipment of newbuildings the Meyer Werft, Papenburg, at Emden, e. g. 7 new cruise liners of the AIDA Cruises, Rostock


  • Construction of a third warehouse with additional capacity of 10,000 sqm


  • Inauguration of the new lorry space for the loading and unloading of the new Volkswagen Group vehicles with a capacity for 20 lorries


  • On November 05 the 50th Anniversary of the company is celebrated in the Klub zum guten Endzweck in Emden


  • Expansion of the low-loader truck yard by 20 to now a total of 40 spaces
  • Construction of a new truck handling building


Management Board

Jörg Conrad

Jörg Conrad was born in Bremen, Germany. After he obtained a banker apprenticeship, he studied at Deutsche Außenhandels- und Verkehrs-Akademie (DAV) in Bremen.

Afterwards he worked in the overseas branches of the Leschaco Group in the US, Brazil and South Africa before he started to manage the expansion strategy of the worldwide logistics service provider as managing director.

Since 1992 Jörg Conrad has been the sole owner of the Leschaco Group. He is responsible for Tank Container, Terminal and Contract Logistics, Human Resources, Central Purchasing, Insurance & Legal as well as Real Estate & Properties.


Jan Remmers

After the successful completion of his commercial training Jan Remmers, born in 1963, entered the company as commercial employee on February 02, 1985. He worked in all departments and performed good development work in many projects in the operational harbour business due to his extensive experience. In 1995 Jan Remmers was granted power of attorney and in 2007 he was made an authorized signatory (Prokurist). Jan Remmers took over the operational management of the Anker Schiffahrt after various education and training courses in Business and Management on April 01, 2013.

On January 01, 2016 Jan Remmers was appointed to managing director of the company besides Mr Jörg Conrad.

Our Responsibility

The constantly high quality of our services is the basis for a good business relationship with our customers. Only satisfied customers, who can trust the quality of what we provide, will continue to involve us in their future logistical planning.

In order to meet the increasing demands of the market we developed an integrated management system in accordance with the international standards in close cooperation with our parent company, the Leschaco Group. This is mandatory for the Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH!

DIN/EN/ISO 9001 and 14001

By the implementation of our integrated management system we have achieved the goal that every single employee is closely involved in the quality performance process.

By sensitizing our employees and a clearly defined concept of quality we ensure that

  • the required quality and environmental standards of our customers are met and a relationship of trust with new customers can be established very quickly
  • Quality and environmental protection is practiced in a cost-effective manner
  • Errors are avoided and occurring nonconformities can be eliminated immediately

Besides the integrated quality and environment management systems ISO 9001 and 14001 the areas of safety, health, and ethics become more and more important. Today they are an inseparable part of our business activities and they are the basis for fulfilling demanding services worldwide.

Complying with all labour protection law requirements concerning the protection of the health of the employees and the public is as self-evident for us as is our demand to all of our partners to also comply with these requirements.