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Anker Schiffahrt signs contract extension with UPM-Kymmene

Bremen | November 2021: From January 01, 2022, Anker Schiffahrt will primarily handle pulp products...

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Anker Schiffahrt feiert offizielle Einweihung der Erweiterung der LKW-Verladeplätze

Emden | Februar 2021: Interview mit dem Inhaber Jörg Conrad und Geschäftsführer Jan Remmers …

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Größere Investitionen stehen konkret an

Emden | February 2021: Interview mit dem Inhaber Jörg Conrad und Geschäftsführer Jan Remmers …

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Anker Schiffahrt gains AEO status

Emden | October 2020: Der in Emden ansässige Seehafenumschlags- und Terminalbetrieb Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH, eine 100%ige…

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Anker Schiffahrt signs contract extension with UPM-Kymmene

Emden | January 2020: 

Anker Schiffahrt will again primarily handle pulp for UPM-Kymmene at the Emskai for several years and deliver it to national…

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Information about Anker Schiffahrt

Information about Anker Schffahrt: Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH, Emden, is a 100 % subsidiary of Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG (Leschaco).

Anker Schiffahrt is a well-known seaport transshipments and terminal operator in the outer port of Emden and covers all the requirements that industrial customers and transporters place on a modern, efficient terminal. The company's activities focus on automobile handling, the handling of forest products and port specific services. Since the beginning of the 1980s, Anker Schiffahrt has also operated its own ships agency and supports all types of vessel and vessel sizes with a 24/7/365 service.

Information about the Leschaco Group

The Leschaco Group is a traditional, owner-managed logistics service provider and offers intercontinental logistics solutions for sea and air freight as well as contract logistics and tank container operation.

As proven partner for leading companies in plant construction and mechanical engineering, automotive, chemical and related industries, producers of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals. Leschaco offers comprehensive logistics solutions from one single source. Our globally standardised IT–environment guarantees the required high process transparency. The company was founded under the name of Lexzau, Scharbau by Wilhelm Lexzau and Julius Scharbau in Hamburg in 1879.

Today the group comprises 72 own offices, employing around 2,500 people in more than 22 countries worldwide. This network is supported by a carefully selected network of agents. The operating owner Jörg Conrad insists on a sustainable business development. The companies' headquarters are in Bremen.

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